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[1.53] Brigid reads out an anonymous listener’s story and question. Dr Pat and Brigid talk about how this is a common story and why people may be waiting for the ‘perfect time’ to have a baby. [3.33] Dr Pat talks about the process of seeing a gynaecologist before IVF if you are suffering from infertility. […]

IVF 101 With Dr Raelia Lew

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We know there's lots of information on the internet about pregnancy. Billions of articles, forums, and Insta accounts. Some are really good - maybe a little dry and technical - and some are biased, not up-to-date, non-expert or simply put - dangerous. 
These are the ones that makes us loose sleep.
Rabbit holes of confusion can cause a loss of confidence.
Women are awesome.
We want you to feel that in your VERY BONES as you grow your baby.
We think there is a better way of helping women feel more confident. 

We want to help a whole new generation of mamas feel confident going into motherhood...

Hi, we are Dr Pat and Mama Brigid. 

...and stop the cycle of overwhelm.

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Our 4 Step method to help you feel more confident in your Pregnancy

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