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What are the first steps that are VITAL to start the journey of getting pregnant? Let's hear straight from Obstetrician, Dr Pat.

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Becoming pregnant, in pregnancy and birthing your baby ALL of us at some point:
  • Worry about every little symptom
  • Double guess our decisions
  • Feel like we've missed something
  • Seem unprepared
  • Feel blindsided

You don't have to figure it all out by yourself! 

We think you are AWESOME and our expert-led online programs will help you feel this to your very BONES.

Growing a whole new human is DAUNTING...

...at times it can be OVERWHELMING

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  I feel empowered with information, information I never would have known to ask about, information my medical provider doesn't provide by default (and is even difficult to get if I do ask - I've tried!). I am very grateful for the Grow My Baby program!

"I wasn't sure what the Grow My Baby program would provide on top of the podcasts, but I wanted to find out. It turns out the Grow My Program has provided me a whole new level of support - 


"Your program has supported me to feel educated and empowered during my pregnancy at a time where I otherwise would've been feeling unsure, confused, totally unprepared and quite powerless".


Finding reliable and evidence based information like this that is easy to access is priceless! Thank you so much for being at the forefront of delivering pregnancy information like no one else!

“I have to admit I was a little hesitant towards making the
financial investment in the program. You have well
and truly delivered! 


  I love all the information and how pragmatic Pat and Brigid are.
It really helps me keep on top of all the worries which pop up and get back to enjoying my pregnancy."

“I'm going through the public system and having the information and access to an expert is so reassuring.

Love notes

Miscarriage: the common pain we share in silence


Tearing in childbirth (and your vagina after baby)


How common is Caesarean Section: Part 1


ALL the early pregnancy symptoms


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All the expert knowledge and practical experience of being an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist for 15+ years PLUS parents of four boys is wrapped up into every episode of The Kick.

Now being listened to throughout the world, The Kick explores getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth AND bringing your baby home.

In conversations between the mama and the obstetrician, 'the kick' is relatable, direct and expert driven to give you a whole sense of 'you GOT this'.

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We know there's lots of information on the internet about pregnancy.

Billions of articles, forums, and Insta accounts. Some are really good - maybe a little dry and technical - and some are biased, not up-to-date, non-expert or simply put - dangerous. 

These are the ones that makes us loose sleep.

Rabbit holes of confusion can cause a loss of confidence.

Through running a busy Women's Clinic, having more than 15 years of experience and helping 3000+ babies to be born, we think there is a better way of helping women feel more confident. 

We want to help a whole new generation of parents feel confident going into parenthood...

Hi, we are Dr Pat
and Mama Brigid. 

...and stop the cycle of overwhelm.

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