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Trying for a pregnancy? Let's make a plan


11 steps to a positive pregnancy test

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There is so much information available to people trying for a pregnancy.

Some of it good.
Some of it not.

We get it. It is really easy to go down rabbit holes looking for the magic ingredient. 

It is easy to feel overwhelmed.

That you must be missing something.

We would like to show you what is vitally important from our experience of running a busy obstetric practice for 12 years, so you can concentrate your efforts and get results...

...A baby.

First stop. Let's get out of the muddy waters.

Why you need to see your doctor BEFORE you start trying.

What you can do to maximise your fertility

All about male fertility and what your male needs to do to maximise his fertility

What to do if you experience a miscarriage 

What exercise, diet and prenatal supplements you need when you are trying for a pregnancy. 

What is prenatal genetic screening, who needs it and how to arrange the tests.

What is assisted reproduction such as ovulation induction, IUI and IVF.

What to avoid during the pre-pregnancy phase.

Does stress impact fertility

Inside this program you'll learn the vital steps you need to take:

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We know there's lots of information on the internet about pregnancy. Billions of articles, forums, and Insta accounts. Some are really good - maybe a little dry and technical - and some are biased, not up-to-date, non-expert or simply put - dangerous. 
These are the ones that makes us loose sleep.
Rabbit holes of confusion can cause a loss of confidence.
Women are awesome.
We want you to feel that in your VERY BONES as you grow your baby.
We think there is a better way of helping women feel more confident. 

We want to help a whole new generation of mamas feel confident going into motherhood...

Hi, we are Dr Pat and Mama Brigid. 

...and stop the cycle of overwhelm.

“I have LOVED completing the Getting Pregnant program. In particular having access to reliable and evidence-based information has been invaluable especially in a Google, Facebook, Forum, Instagram world that can lead you down rabbit hole after rabbit hole” 


"Massive shoutout to Dr Pat and Brigid for answering my questions, definitely didn't expect them all to be answered and very grateful to have this platform available"


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